Mission & Objectives

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Mission & Objectives


The mission of KASA High School is to create and maintain a learning environment that fosters students’ ability to make good choices; to develop the capability to respond and adapt to changing circumstances; to gain an appreciation for learning as a lifelong process, and to gain the skills and knowledge necessary for a diverse, ever-changing world.

KASA High School will provide the fundamentals of literacy, communication, and mathematical applications for students to succeed in their later studies and/or career. The school staff will work towards maximising resources necessary to provide students with a quality education in a supportive and positive climate. Students will develop global awareness, civic responsibility and critical thinking, as well as the necessary skills to respond and adapt to the changes of today’s world.


KASA High School provides students with opportunities to acquire necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for their mental, social, moral, physical and spiritual development. This further leads to the enhancement of understanding, acceptance and respect for social, racial, religious and cultural diversity that characterise modern society. The ultimate purpose of the School is to create responsible and well-adjusted individuals with broadened horizons and open minds that hold a constant thirst and curiosity for lifelong learning. Therefore, at KASA High School, we value the development of the key skills of literacy and numeracy, enquiry and information analysis, but also, we embrace the growth of critical thinking, problem-solving, and rational judgment skills. In this way, students gain confidence in their communication while their self-esteem and self-worth are boosted. Apart from theory and guided practice, students are encouraged to nurture their talents, creativity and healthy lifestyle that add to physical and mental well-being. All in all, KASA High School aims to constitute a pleasant environment where students enjoy acquiring knowledge.