Teaching Staff

Marios Zissimou

Marios Zissimou holds a BSc in Mathematics and a BSc in Accounting. He has been working as a Maths and Accounting teacher for the past years. He speaks fluent English and has excellent computer skills.

Evi Kalatha
Evi Kalatha holds a BA in Classical Studies and Philosophy and an MSc in Educational Leadership and Management. She has taught Greek as a Foreign Language for many years in various educational institutions. She has been a Greek Language Instructor at Kasa High School for the last ten years. Evi has attended various seminars on the Greek Language and Philosophy. She has excellent communication and organizational skills gained through her teaching experience.

Ms. Katerina Farmakidou

Katerina Farmakidou holds a BA in English Language and Literature and an MA in English. She has been working as a translator and an English Language Instructor for several years. Katerina has good communication skills gained through her teaching experience, excellent contact skills with children and adults as well as good controlling skills also developed through her teaching experience. In addition, she is very organised, patient and responsible. She is also a competent speaker of Turkish.

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