Mrs. Maria Yiannoullou
Tel: 22 681 882

Mrs. Maria Yiannoullou is a highly experienced educator. She has been working in both educational and public relations positions since 2007. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Greek Philology and a Master’s Degree in International Relations. Prior to working in education, Mrs. Yiannoullou has worked as an Operations Assistant in the Cyprus Sub-office in Iraq for the UNPD / United Nations.

Mrs. Yiannoullou was appointed Principal of KASA High School in July, 2018. She aims to continue to foster a modern school environment based on core principles such as respect, mindfulness, and creativity. She is committed to maintain the School’s high educational standards and promote a student-centred learning. Also, her long experience in education allows her to make good decisions and solve difficult problems with effective solutions. Nevertheless, she demonstrates active interest in learning new things and engaging in challenging tasks.

As a principal, Mrs. Yiannoullou creates a climate in which students want to do their best and adopt a positive learning attitude. She motivates students to participate in school competitions, both locally and internationally, in order to build up their self-confidence and sense of responsibility, as well as to acquire organisational and teamwork skills.

Mrs. Yiannoullou has a very charismatic and warm personality. She is easy to approach and this makes students love her and talk to her about their concerns. She embraces multiculturalism and diversity at school by fostering a climate of inclusion where all students are equally and fairly treated.