Dr. Milani Miranda Austria, Head

Milani Miranda Austria holds a BSc in Computer Data Processing Management, an MBA, an MAED in Educational Leadership and a PhD in Technology Education. Milani has a great experience in Academia. She has been a Dean in the School of Technology and in Computer Studies and Engineering in the Philippines for many years as well as a Lecturer in Hospital Management, Business Administration and Information Technology. She is currently the Head of Business Administration at Casa College as well as a Chair in the Training Committee of the Computer Accreditation Commission of the Philippine Computer Society. Milani is a paper reviewer for various international journals and conferences all over the world as well as an Editorial Board Member of academic journals. She has also many publications in various academic journals and books Development Initiative (JEDI) Champion, and a Teaching Award. She has a Master in Business Administration; Master of Arts in Education focused on Leadership and Administration and a Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Education. Previous and current employer shows Excellent to Outstanding ratings in achieving Key Result Area (KRA) and in showing Universal Competencies.

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