Disabilities & Access

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Disabilities & Access

KASA High School supports the students who stand out and those who need assistance or special protection according to their abilities. People with disabilities have the right to enjoy measures ensuring autonomy, as well as their effective integration and participation in the social and academic life of the country.

The service is part of the Student Affairs & Welfare Office and it is administratively supported by Access under the supervision of the Director of Student Affairs & Welfare Office. It consists of administrative and scientific staff (a secretary, a special educator, and a psychologist).

This service addresses all students with disabilities who wish for an update modification or support for enhancing access. The scientific activities of Access include the registration of the students with disabilities, their evaluation and enrolment in the service of Access for issues relating to learning access (such as subjects, examinations, etc.), social access (such as interaction with fellow students, social activities etc.) and access to the sites of the School (rooms, secretariat, toilets, etc.), as well as updating the students with disabilities about issues related to the access to High School, and informing teachers about learning accessibility issues (such as teaching, examinations, laboratories) of students with disabilities who are enrolled in Access.

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