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KASA High School was established in 1961 in Famagusta and is registered at the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus with the Reg—number The Ministry of Education approves the syllabus of KASA High School under “The Private Schools’ and Private Institutes’ Law of 1971-2012”.

For the first year (Year 4), students must attend twenty-seven (27) periods of classes per week. Twelve (12) periods of compulsory subjects, five (5) periods of English Language, two (2) periods of elective subjects, and three (3) periods of technology and lab subjects of specialty. Each teaching period is forty-five (45) minutes.

For the second year (Year 5), students must attend twenty-eight (28) periods of classes per week. Twelve (12) periods of compulsory subjects, five (5) periods of English Language, two (2) periods from the elective subjects, and four (4) periods of technology and lab subjects of specialty.

For the third and final year (Year 6), eleven periods (11) of compulsory subjects are taught, five (5) periods of English Language, and two (2) periods of elective subjects. Students will also attend ten (10) periods of Technology and lab subjects of specialty. The total teaching periods for Year 6 are thirty-three (33).

After the successful completion of the final school year, students will receive the High School Diploma. Therefore, students will be able to continue their studies in higher education, in colleges and universities in Cyprus and abroad.

1. Compulsory Subjects
History 2 2 2
Greek Language as a Second Language 4 4 5
Greek Language for Native Speakers 5 5 5
Information Communications Technology 2 2
Mathematics 4 4 4
2. Related Subjects
English Language 5 5 5
22 22 21
3. Elective Subjects of General Knowledge
(Students choose 1 subject) (Students choose 1 subject)
Oenology and other types of Beverages (Bar) 2
Tourism and Economy 2
Public Relations 2
Hotel Technology and Culinary Arts 2
Product Identification and Purchasing 2
French 2 2
2 2 2
4. Technology and Lab Subjects of Specialty
Accounting Principles 3
Food Hygiene and Nutrition 2
Front Office 2
Food and Beverage Costing 2
Table service 2 2
Principles of Hotel Administration 2
Hotel Administration and Business Management 2
3 4 10
Total 27 28 33

Student Feedback

I like the friendly atmosphere of KASA High School and the fact that the teachers are really close to the students. They make sure that every class is fun, educational and interactive. In general, teachers are very caring and interested in students’ well being.

Diya Kaur, India

“The teachers are very motivational. They guide us down the right path and help us reach our full potential. KASA High School has also made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself.”

Ly Nguyen, Vietnam

“Studying at KASA High School has been a memory to cherish for a lifetime. I’m really thankful because of the great teachers and helpful staff. The School’s location and facilities are excellent and I highly recommend it!”

Abdullah Islam, Pakistan

“I appreciate the knowledge and guidance I received from my teachers and I would like to thank them for encouraging me to continue my studies at Casa College and start an amazing career in the Hospitality Industry!”

Sona Bandari, Nepal

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