Academic Counselling

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Academic Counselling

The Student Academic Support Office assists students in achieving their academic goals through seminars, tutorials and often one-to-one tutoring. Working primarily with new students support students in adjusting to their new school community and offer advice and training in achieving different targets/skills often utilising various other programmes. In addition, each new student is assigned a Mentor (teachers or students in higher years) to provide academic support and guidance to students on educational matters. The members of the Student Academic Support Office are committed to help students succeed, by operating as a central unit which has an advisory role and covers the basic needs and functions of the High School. It is responsible for:

  1. supporting students who have underperformed in any area of their education,
  2. informing students about the overall functioning of the School, their rights and obligations,
  3. providing psychological and counselling services to students for their successful application and integration in higher education, and
  4. supporting students with disabilities or students who have difficulties in completing their studies.

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